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Beaded Matrix Borders Patterns

Beaded openface borders can be produced in two main ways. One way is to use one or more bead carrier strands that change direction as needed by interlocking with noncarrier strands. Another way to produce the beaded pattern, is to use a diamond matrix made up of carrier strand. The carrier strands only change direction at the edges of the border element. The beaded pattern is produced by positioning the beads as needed along the length of the carrier strands.

Using a carrier strand matrix allows for the largest number of possible patterns. The patterns presented here are intended as a starting point for designing your own patterns.


In each of the graphics the right hand border has the matrix strands highlighted. The yarn strands of the left hand border are all one color.

Examples of Beaded Matrix Borders

 Click on each graphic for additional information and variations.

Zigzag Patterns


Diamond Patterns


Chevron Patterns


Heart Patterns


Diagonal Patterns


Star Patterns


Combination Patterns


Edge Beading on Matrix Borders